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Don Bosco - Our Inspiration
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Our Priorities

• Strategic Planning
• Development Projects
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Training Programmes
• Outreach Programmes
• Vocational Training
• Placement Services



1. To organize and capacitate Children, Youth and Women to realize their basic Socio- Economic and Cultural Rights for the sustainable development.

2. To promote mass legal literacy and eco-awareness.

3. To impart updated and market oriented vocational skill training.

4. To work towards holistic health care with due emphasis on alternative and indigenous medicines.

5. To create systems and mechanisms and mobilize resources for developmental activities

6. To build up and promote social dimension in the province according to FMA charism by organizing social training programmes for the formation sector and in all the local communities.

7. To evolve strategies to respond effectively to the emerging developmental opportunities, challenges and demands at regional level by engaging in micro - researches.

8. To generate greater visibility through process documentation, publication and audio-visual materials

9. To pro-actively collaborate with FMA-NDF (National Development Forum) for greater visibility and effectiveness in the Social dimension of the Province.

We Serve

• Youth at Risk
• Vocational Training centres
• Community Development
• Promotion of Education
• Enabling Livelihood
• Eco Friendly Initiatives
• Networking

Operational Areas