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From street to State level Achievement

“I want to become a Doctor” was the prompt response of R. Kavitha to the Directress of ‘Auxilium Navajeevana Home, a Home for Street Girl Children’ who asked her about her future goal in life.

R. Kavitha, a brilliant star of Auxilium Navajeevana is a native of Thatakunta, a village near Gajwel. She lost her father when she was 6 years old and her mother Mrs. Laxmi an illiterate widow abandoned her two daughters Kavitha and Mamatha. From Secunderabad Railway Station they were rescued and admitted in Auxilium Navajeevana Home on 16.05.2009.

Nandini has no father and her mother is addicted to alcohol. She lives with another man deserting her children except the eldest daughter. Children were forced to go to street to earn their livelihood by begging. We came to know from neighbours that mother sold her youngest son for two thousand rupees. Fearing that she may do the same with other children, the neighbours brought Nandini and her elder sister Shivashini to our HOME on 29.09.2007. Nandini was 4 years old then. Rajasekar the elder boy was employed in a tea-shop.

With her sweet smile and naughty ways Nandini attracted everyone. After one year of her stay, she was joined at nearby Sri Sai School in Lower Kindergarten Grade. Soon she proved herself as a fast learner. In the following year she was joined in class I at Infant Jesus English Medium School. While she was in class II, her mother appeared in the month of September and pleaded to send her daughters with her for 3 days to celebrate Dusserha festival. Giving her serious instructions, they were sent with their mother but never returned. In the month of May 2011, while picking up rags near railway track at outskirts of Secunderabad, the train accidently ran over the eldest daughter and killed her. This event drove the mother mad and she began to roam about. Making use of this chance, on August 2011 Nadine’s maternal uncle Mr. Ramakrishna brought back the children asking us not to send the children with anyone. After a couple of days coaching, Nandini was re-joined in class II in the same school. She seemed to have lost her interest not only in studies but in everything. She was quiet and wished to remain aloof. But with counselling and kindness she was helped to come back to her past self. Even then her study remained poor. The Directress encouraged and motivated her. Though the result was not seen at once, this academic year 2014-15, she surprises everyone with her good performance in studies and attitudes. She participates in extra-curricular activities especially in dance programmes. Now Nandini is 11 years old studying in Class V. The life of Nandini proves that loving kindness, patience and accompaniment bring transformation in individuals. With the support of Don Bosco Mondo we give quality education to children like Nandini, joining them in quality schools.

Kavitha was born-intelligent girl. Seeing her quick capacity of grasping, after a short period of coaching, the sisters joined her in 3rd standard at Government Primary School, New Bhoiguda. There too she stood first in her class and was given double promotion. Thus she joined in Government High school, New Bhoiguda. Not only in studies, she excelled in all the activities of the school and won prizes.

On 26.08.2014 she participated in the District level INSPIRE Science Exhibition presenting the system ‘Solar Energy and its uses’. She won the Certificate of Merit and was selected for the State level Competition. She presented the same on 22.09.2014 at Warangal, in State level and came out successfully securing Certificate of Merit and a Shield.

Today Kavitha stands as a model, inspiring many. She proves to all that poverty is not a hurdle to aim high and reach the summit. Hard work and determined determination is the weapon for greater achievement.

1. Sanvitha aged 7 is a student of Wyra centre. She was roaming in the village and helping her parents in the field. When she was admitted to the Bridge course, she was very shy and timid. But now after continuous training and attention given by Sisters and teachers, she changed a lot both in her appearance and character. She was very poor in her studies in the beginning of the academic year but later she has improved a lot. She has also learned little bit of English. Next year she will be admitted to standard first in English Medium School.

2. Gowthami 9 years old was a drop out from standard 4 from Wyra centre. Now she is studying in the bridge course. She was looking after her siblings at home. Sisters found her during the survey conducted in the nearby village and asked her parents to send her to the Bridge course. After continuous motivation, her parents admitted her in the bridge course. In the beginning, she found it very difficult to cope up with her lessons but now with close follow up, she has improved her performance in all the subjects. Coming academic year she will be placed in standard 5th in the main stream school. She improved a lot in her appearance as well as in character and personality. She wants to become a Teacher in the future.

3. Surjana is poor girl of 16 years old from Gavaravaram centre A.P. Her parents are daily wage earners and seasonal Agricultural labourers. Since she is from a lower caste, it is very difficult to get proper care and attention in their education because caste system is predominant in this area. But Surjana is given much care and attention by the Sisters of the centre and she studied in Auxilium School, Gavaravaram and wrote X class public examination as the first batch of the school. She excelled with 9.8% marks in all the subjects and got merit scholarship for triple I.T studies. Hence she will be given free education for 6 years to complete her Engineering studies in one of the best 3 colleges of A.P. she and her family are very grateful to the Salesian Sisters and to their social ministry activities where she attended supplementary education in the evenings.


1. I am Nissy PK. I am from, Prathyasa Bhavan Palluruthy. After the completion of my schooling and Secondary Education I had a deep desire to do higher studies so when I expressed my aspiration to the sisters, who took care of me, they sent me to Bannerghatta Bangalore. This they did with the intention of making me do some Technical studies that would accesses me easily to job. So I joined Nirmal Jyothi ITI Institute run by the Salesian Sisters. To be frank before coming to Nirmal Jyothi I did not know a word of English to speak or express myself. But gradually I picked up spoken English. Enormous opportunities were offered me to pick up the language. I progressively developed the skill of communication in English fluently. This gave me an impetus to my future career. Along with the language I picked up self confidence. In the bargain I learned DTP and CCN a short term computer course. Meanwhile the sisters insisted that I should attend an interview in Bangalore itself. To my luck I was selected and my joy knew no bounds. Thus I became a job holder without much painstaking process. While working in this private company for six months, I got another opportunity to attend an Interview as an accountant at Shivajinagar. At present I am placed as an accountant at Ever Shine Shipping Service centre. In the meanwhile I completed my and I got 86%. Now I am doing my final year MBA and draw a salary of 18,000.

At this juncture I humbly acknowledge and admit that, I would not have reached to this zenith of success if it was not for the very many magnanimous hearts and hands, possessed by my good sisters and well wishers , who cared and supported me in many ways . I know that God is great and He makes me also great. I could proudly say that today I learned to be self confident , able to set a goal for my life, do hard work, sincere and committed to my duties, all because of God and those good hearted personalities who cam my way..

2.My name is Wilma Lobo. I am a Mangalorian. I had a deep desire to continue my studies after my PUC. But it was not possible, as my financial situation was not in favour. Through the kind instrumentality of some good hearts, I reached Nirmal Jyothi Institute a technical centre run by Salesian sisters. It was a blessing in disguise as I could learn English fluently because I was completely ignorant of this language .Thus I could improve my communication skill. Urged by ambition I was convinced to complete my Modern Secretarial Course, a Diploma course of one year in the same institute. After which I became self confident to launch myself to face any challenge. Lucky enough I was exposed to many interviews and finally I got through the interview successfully in one of the Auxilium schools as a secretary in the office. Today I am really happy and contented as I draw a good salary which I could not dream of. As I work in the school, in my spare time I studied and completed my degree simultaneously. I am really happy. I learned to be responsible for my life. I feel I have been blessed more than what I deserve. Each new day brings new blessings for which I am grateful to God. Moreover I experience the goodness of God through Good Nights and Good Morning talks etc given in the Hostel and school; “That God is a loving Father and I am his child”. Today with my successful story I want to shout out that if one needs to be successful one need to possess the qualities such as punctuality, hard work, service mindedness etc.

“With God we can do bravely” this is what my sisters taught me during my stay with them. They gave me sufficient encouragement and care to reach upto this state of life. I am extremely grateful to the Salesian sisters who rendered their spiritual as well as financial help to me personally. God Bless them.

3. MARY GILMI: 24-year-old Mary Gilmi is from Karimkulam, a small village near Puthiyathura in Neyyatinkara Taluk, Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala. She completed her Plus Two (Higher Secondary) education from Leo XIII Higher Secondary School Pulluvila in Trivandrum, Kerala. She completed her graduation in All Saint’s Women’s College, Trivandrum. To give education to three daughters the old parents had to make a lot of sacrifice. After getting graduated she looked for a job which she could not avail.

One day, she heard about Bosco Academy for Skills and Employment (BASE) center run by Salesian Sisters at Puthiyathura. She went up to the team of trainers there, who advised her to take up a course in the ITES domain. Mary Gilmi was very active during the training program. She always concentrated in the class and clarified her doubts by asking her friends as well as the trainer, and Mary Gilmi passed out of the course with a remarkable record. The value education and specially Personality development together with spoken English raised her to greater efficiency.

After completing her ITES course, Mary Gilmi attended a job interview at Muthoot Fin Corp. Her performance at the interview, the self confidence and the cheerful acceptance of the modest starting salary of Rs 4500 pm, made an impression on the Management. Her Manager Mr. Anil Kumar was so impressed with her dedication, zeal and hard work that he raised her salary to Rs 6500 pm. Now she is yearning 7000pm.she is a great help to her family. She is so happy and grateful.


1.I am Lini from Jyothi S.H.G group Puthiyathura. I have two children they are studying. My husband is an auto driver and the little he gets goes to pay the debt we had. I was doing a small I.G.P through the loan of Rs.500/- which I received from SHG by selling curry masala powder. I go to Tamil Nadu, where it is cheap, to get the ingredients and come here and make it powder and sell it. I am doing it by myself. When I am free and according to the income I receive I buy various masala (Curry powder) items as Turmeric, Coriander, chillies and other ingredients. After making powder I go to the houses and sell it for credit or for ready cash. Those whom I sell it for credit I go to collect the money by myself in the evenings’. Now I have received a loan of Rs. 30,000/- with 1% interest from CDEW Society Bangalore. I expanded my business with this money. I get Rs. 1500/- to 2000/- per month as profit. I am regular in repayment. I am very happy to tell you that I have cleared my old debt which I had taken and I started to get more money as profit. With this profit I can easily look after the Education of my children and house hold needs. This extra income will help me to save for future needs. Now I have peace and joy in the family, because I have cleared my debt and have savings for future. Thanks to God and all those who are supporting us for our integral development.

2. I am Jaine Das belonging to Deepam SHG of Puthiyathura. I have 3 boys, all of them are studying. My husband does not have a proper job because of his ill health. When he feels well he goes for fishing as a daily wage worker along with others. I was finding very difficult to manage the family and to make both ends meet. Sometimes I used to borrow money with high interest to meet the school expenses of my children. When we were unable to pay back the loan, there came up problems, mistrust and quarrels. We used to spend sleepless nights with these problems.

In this situation, I received a small loan of Rs. 500/-from the SHG for starting a Mobile Recharging shop with other consumer goods such as Chocolates, Soaps, Biscuits and Sweets etc. But the income from the shop was very little to maintain the family. Just that time Sister informed me about the loan with 1% interest from CDEW Society Bangalore and prepared us to make use of it properly. I received an amount of Rs.5, 000/- as loan with 1% interest. I used this amount to expand my little shop with more things. The little business went on well with little more income and we refunded the loan and extended the shop taking little more loans from outside. Now I am able to educate my children without much difficulty. My income/ profit per month is Rs. to 2,000/- to .3, 000/ Now I am confident that I can meet the daily expenses of my family. I am interested to continue this shop and need to develop it little more in the future. There is more serenity and peace in my family.

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